Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Alternate Alcohol rules for Pathfinder.

While looking through the pathfinder rules I didn't find the rules on drinking right away. (It's in the Drugs and Addiction section in case anyone is wondering.)  So I started to brainstorm rules for how I would design the alcohol system in pathfinder. When I found the official drunkenness rules I decided to post about my system as an alternative to the official rulings. I talked to my GM (I play a Drunken Master archetype from Advanced Players Guide in his campaign, hence why I was looking into this.) about what he thought and modified what I created with his input. The following is the version after taking input from my GM, and is available for any GM to use.


Frequency: every time a drink is consumed where <number of drinks> exceeds your constitution modifier.
save: fortitude dc 10+<Number of drinks>

Every hour the <number of drinks> can be reduced by 1, but can never go below 0 in this manor.

upon fail get Buzzed condition. See below.

If you already have the buzzed condition it gets upgraded to the Drunk condition. See below.

if you fail by 5 or more recieve Sickened condition, if you already have sickened condition it gets upgraded to nauseated condition. If you already have the nauseated condition it gets upgraded to unconscious condition.

the previous conditions last for a number of hours it takes for the <number of drinks> to equal 0.

Cure: allowing the <number of drinks> to reach 0.


+2 temporary bonus to Charisma.
-2 temporary bonus to wisdom.


-2 temporary bonus to dexterity.
+2 temporary bonus to strength.

+2 temporary bonus to Charisma.
-2 temporary bonus to wisdom.

when attempting to move while drunk you must roll an acrobatics dc equal to dc 10 + 1 per 5 feet moved or fall prone.

At GM's descretion you may award characters the following trait if they drink a lot in your campaign. 

Drunken Resistance
this trait allows the player to switch the +2 to charisma with +2 to constitution in the buzzed state. (effectively raising their fortitude by +1)


  1. We still need to continue our campaign. This is the first rule alteration I want to check out when we do.

    1. Haha yeah, I need to get my crap together and get to working on that. There is still much to do in cauldron. (and yes I do forsee a use for the above rule in the upcoming future. Although I can't take the credit for that. It's actually in the module)